Everyday Minerals Haul/Review

I placed an order with one of my favorite cosmetic company's Everyday Minerals. I LOVE EVERYDAY MINERALS ! They're a online mineral cosmetic company. I order from this company once a year because i can't live without their mineral foundation in "TAN". BTW I have a review on that foundation coming soon.

I ordered their new Imagination Kit, This kit includes:
4 eyeshadows, 1 blush & 1 lipstick
The second blush was free & the foundation wasn't included in the kit


Floating Feathers Eye Shadow: A frosty white hue with flecks of sparkle

Lip Lock Eye Shadow: A kiss puts my mind in a tranquil abyss like a stratosphere of soft pink clouds.

Prettier in Pink Eye Shadow: Pink petals have never been so prettier in pink than this blooming rosette.

Samba Lessons Eye Shadow: Like intrically carved dark brown tree bark soaring into a sky of diamonds.

SoCo Blush: Unabashedly feminine with petal pink hues, cool and bright. (Forgot to swatch the blush]

Enough Talk, Kiss Me Lippie: Delicately soft natural coral shade with hints of pink undertones, a mysterious shade indeed.

Slender Bamboo Drawstring Bag

PRICE: $18.00


Enough Talk Kiss Me Lippie, Prettier In Pink, Samba Lessons, Floating Feathers, Lip Lock Eye Shadow

Have You Ever Tried Everyday Minerals?

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  1. Wow those swatches are amazing! So pigmented! I love this little set, it's so sweet and really affordable! Thanks for sharing! x



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